Free Star Wars: The Old Republic Accounts

Star Wars the old Republic; It is a game developed by Bioware practitioner and published by EA Games and has had a huge audience since its inception. It is a game that draws attention with its original graphics and attracts many followers with the color tone and realism used in the game.

It is not possible to play this game, which is designed to be played online only on a computer, from mobile phones. This game, whose horror and action effects are quite advanced, continues to understand clearly its edited structure when it is started to be played by Star Wars followers. In the game, people are given various tasks and as they do these tasks, they can move to the next level of the game more strongly.

What Awaits Us In The Content Of The Game?

You need to create a membership at the beginning of the game. Then you can continue the game for about 20-25 episodes for free. It is used in different codes and accounts in the game and is available in the store for the game. In the introduction, you are asked to choose a party. This side is divided into two as Seat or Jedi. You enter the game by choosing one of the two sides. The game has named these parties by separating two different classes: together with the Galactic Republic, it divided it into two different groups, the Sith Empire. You can see the evolution of artificial intelligence in the game with the version of the old Republic, which has been renewed by Star Wars.

Free Star Wars: The Old Republic Accounts and Passwords:

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Health and Accessories Cheat

In this version of Star Wars, while trying to actively take part in the game and equalize the other side, some clothes and accessories are required in order to be able to purchase from health and game. There is an unlimited health and unlimited credit cheating method that will be very useful for your health, clothing and accessories.

With the file you can download over the internet, you can get unlimited health and unlimited credits on the computer where you used the game. For this, after downloading the file to your computer, you need to run this shortcut that you downloaded with the game. You will then be given unlimited health and unlimited credit.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Power, Intelligence, Map etc. Mode

There are various in-game add-ons that you can use in the Star Wars game. Along with these add-ons, your power, intelligence, mod will improve in the game or you will have equipment that you can use in the game. You can use these codes to benefit from these free equipment.

Let’s explain how to take action before we introduce these cheat codes to you.

  • First of all, when the game is in an open position in a corner, there is a file called swkotor.ini in the files you have downloaded belonging to Starwars.
  • You open this file through any notebook you use on your computer.
  • Then there is an article called Game options in the file for the game, you come to this article and write “enable caps = 1” at the bottom and save the file.
  • Then, when you open the game and you are in the game, you press the “é” key on your keyboard just below the esc key and the bottom gr key with it.
  • On the one hand, you press the space key and let the console part appear on the screen.
  • In the section that comes to the screen, you will be given a field that will allow you to write the codes given below.
  • You can write the code you want in this field. You can specify a value yourself in the sections given in brackets about how much you want in these given codes.