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RuneScape, a massive multiplayer role playing (MMORPG) game developed by Jagex company, is an online game preferred by many players. Java base was preferred as the operating system by game developers. The Runscape game, which has about 190 million active players, has been shown by Guinness as one of the most popular MMORPG games in the world. One of the best features of the game is that it can provide cross platform support. In other words, while you are playing on the computer, you can continue the same place by logging in to the section where you stay. The Runescape game is completely free, although it is open to online purchases and subscriptions. If you want to be a member of this platform, don’t forget to own one of the free accounts and passwords distributed on our site.

What are In-Game Attack Abilities?

There are a total of eight talents, among which only subscribing members;

Attack: It is the skill that is important for the damage power and hit rate of the weapon you are equipped with. As the level of this skill increases, you can get a weapon with more damage power.

Strength: This ability, translated as Turkish power, is the skill that determines the damage you will inflict your opponents in PvP battles.

Defense: Your defense ability in the game. It provides less damage to your enemies. In addition, the higher your defense ability, the firing accuracy of your opponents decreases at the same rate.

Constitution: It is the ability of the health value you have in the game. The higher this capability, the more your life bar.

Prayer: It is the skill of your religious level within the game. You can increase your skill level by embedding bones on the map. It allows you to keep extra items with you after you die as your skill level increases and allows you to learn new prayers that you can increase your strength.

Magic: It’s your ability to cast magic. This ability allows you to teleport to new places, turn your things under, and turn bones into food.

Ranged: The ability to increase your attack range when using ranged weapons against your enemies.

Summoning: It is a skill that only subscription members can use. Thanks to this ability, you can have a pet following you. It provides a great advantage to users in wars.

What are the Missions in the Game?

In order to use weapons, spells, cities and even dungeons, some missions must be completed in the game. Some of these missions, where you can earn various rewards, include points that help you earn rank, while others include items such as money and weapons. It is almost impossible to proceed without completing the tasks in the game. In addition, after the completion of the missions, the players are given points. The variability of the points is regulated based on the difficulty of the task. The highest mission score you can earn is 332. With the addition of new missions to the game, this score increases day by day. One of the most different features of the missions is that when you reach 332 in all mission points, the system gives you the chance to purchase a cape to prove it to all players. Finally, you can start doing the tasks immediately by owning one of the free accounts and passwordswe publish on our site.

What are the Latest Updates to the Game?

The trading system in the game has changed thanks to the latest updates. The feature called Trade Limit, which sets limits on trade, has been removed. Players in the area called Wilderness in the game were prohibited from attacking each other and this was not allowed by the system. Thanks to the latest innovations, the feature of war between players has been activated in this area. Finally, the tombstone protection that can be used in this region has been removed from the game as of February 1, 2011.

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