Free Movie Star Planet Accounts

MovieStarPlanet game is a virtual world game prepared for children in general terms. In this game, you can make new friends by creating your character, share your photos and chat with your new friends. It was created by MoviStarPlanet Aps game development company. Claus Lykke Jensen is the head of the company during the design. It has managed to reach 400 million active players since its first release in 2009. The game, which can be downloaded from the MovieStarPlanet official site, takes about 1 minute to download. The download process is reduced to the simplest for children and the interface of the game is created in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. If you want to enter the world of MovieStarPlanet, you can use it by getting one of the free account and password information we will share for you in this article.

How to Play MovieStarPlanet Game?

It is a virtual world game created for children aged 8-15 in general. Users try to act by creating their characters in this virtual world. Users can make new friends by visiting the virtual world created with the help of the characters provided by the game. The opportunity to chat with anyone met online in the game is provided. You can improve your character with in-game coins earned from missions, and change your style as you wish. You are free to do whatever you want on the in-game map within the rules of the game. Finally, if you want to be a part of this big virtual world, you can login to the game using one of the free accounts and passwords we will publish for you on our site.

Free Movie Star Planet Accounts and Passwords:

Username: wolf
Password: sauertobineverett

Username: cameron
Password: zkfyrzwdi

Username: steffi
Password: claypoolsbcglobalwhitey

Username: general
Password: meder22021989

Username: scotts
Password: russellcristkeelinggonzales

Username: tracker
Password: ahmed86success

Username: spidey
Password: badermsnbillybob

Username: beatles
Password: wbxdnbkal

Username: giants
Password: mallanmbarascal

Username: chicago
Password: gfgangzgc

Username: baller
Password: vmkqcpgpr

Username: loverboy
Password: welchismaelbarrowsgoogoo

Username: supra
Password: multiplxoutlookbirthday

Username: dylan1
Password: M58ETIwe

Username: dundee
Password: dsavgqoop

Username: 741963
Password: dvdotnetmusica

Username: klingon
Password: emmerichelwinlionise

Username: blade
Password: iweimannvandervort

Is MovieStarPlanet Game Safe For Kids?

One of the first questions that come to the mind of children who want to start the MovieStarPlanet game is whether there is any harmful content in the game. Some of the free virtual world games in this style contain inconvenient content for children. None of these objectionable content is permitted in the MovieStarPlanet game. Since it is designed as a game that appeals completely to children, there is no element that can be a negative example. In this way, the users who may cause negativity are removed from the game in a short time as soon as they are detected. In the game, which has a very selective chat filter, even words such as “love”, “lover” are not allowed. With free accounts and passwords you get from our site for yourself or your children, you can join the game with peace of mind.

Why Children Choose MovieStarPlanet Game?

The MovieStarPlanet game, which was completely inspired by the imagination of children, has been able to reach millions of children since its launch. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the game was developed only considering the wishes of children between the ages of 8-15. All spaces and objects that children can create in their imaginations are included in the game by their developers. In addition, MovieStarPlanet has managed to reach millions of active players as it is a platform where children who are open to social communication can make new friends and chat as they wish. To be a part of this big family, you can start playing the game with a free account and password you get from our site.

Are Free Accounts and Passwords Updated?

All of the free account and password information we publish on our site for the MovieStarPlanet game is updated daily and new information is removed from the system immediately and new ones are added. Free passwords have not been used by anyone before and are only opened for your use. Nobody will be logged in to the account information you have and its security will be secured by our site. Shared free accounts and passwords will not cause you any problems during login, and will not be affected by the activities of the software owners with the author during your progress in the game. In other words, you can use the free accounts and passwords shared on our site to enter the MovieStarPlanet game with peace of mind.