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The Minecraft game was produced by Persson, “Notch” Persson, a Swedish game development company. “Mojang” company took over the publishing rights of the game in 2011 but all rights were acquired by Microsoft in 2014. It is a Sandbox game that allows you to make various models thanks to 3D spheres. While developing the Minecraft game, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Dungeon Keeper and Dwraf Fortress games were based on. The game was produced in just 1 week before its first release in May 2009 and owes its popularity to forum platforms where the first version called TIGSource was released. Continuing to receive updates since the first day of its development, Minecraft has reached the sales value of 180 million and became the best selling game in the world history. If you want to be a part of the game that has accomplished these huge achievements, you can use one of the free accounts and passwords we distribute in this article.

What are the Game Types in the Minecraft Game?

There are five different modes you can choose in the game;

Survival: It is aimed to protect yourself by producing something in this mode. During this production, you can explore your desired place, trade, fight in the valleys and finally end the game by defeating the boss character called “Stronghold”.

Challenging: In this mode, where you can create your own world, you are fighting for survival. You can act as you wish while defending yourself within the rules imposed by the game. Players playing in this type of game need to be very careful because if you die you can’t be born and you just follow the world you created.

Creative: You have the chance to use all kinds of materials in this type of game where you can create your own world. Unlike the classic game mode, you can create your own models without the need to defend yourself. In addition, the only genre that develops creative thinking within the game is the creative game mode.

Adventure: In this mode, where you have a life and hunger bar, you cannot break any objects and create your own models. You are only allowed to dig with some tools. It is possible to make progress thanks to the items you use in the world where you have to protect yourself.

Audience: It is the most added mode to the game thanks to the new update. Users cannot interact within the game and can follow the world just by flying. The person entering this type of game can see the environment through their eyes by clicking on creatures or players. You can also teleport wherever you want in this mode.

What is the Structure of Minecraf Game?

One of the issues that people wonder about the game software business is the internal structure of the games. The operating system of the world’s most sold and profitable game is also being researched by most people. As a result, it is very simple to edit the game since Java language is used in the PC version of the game. The coding languages ​​of PS4 and PS3 versions are not explained to the users by the producer companies. Minecraft’s in-game modes have already been developed for PC versions, and plug-in work has begun on PS versions.

What are the Tools and Features in the Game?

Sword, ax, pickaxe and shovel are listed as tools that you can use in the game. These objects can be created using wood, iron, gold, diamond and Netherite. The sword and ax are used to defend yourself and to attack. Although the ax is the least maneuverable vehicle in the game, its damage is very high. Shovel is used to dig platforms made of sand and gravel. Anchor allows you to create a field by planting plants.

Free Minecraft Accounts 2021

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